The Making of Thomas Paine: Influences of Quakerism and Newtonian science


  • Subash Chandra Pradhan Ph. D. Scholar Ravenshaw University, Cuttack,Odisha, India.


A number of researches have already been undertaken on different aspects of Thomas Paine. So the task becomes more challenging to explore the unexplored of his writings. The objective of this article is to trace out various influences that have gone into the making of Thomas Paine, the man of reason. There were a number of factors responsible for the growth of such a writer in general but the influences of Quakerism and Newtonian science in particular had left indelible imprints in his heart and mind. These two forces shaped his thought pattern right from his formative years. He was deeply moved by the Quaker philosophy of his father in the household and outside he was moved by the Newtonian science which sharpened his sense of reason. This article will, in depth and detail, deal with these two influences on him at different stages of his life.


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