Strife and Harmony in Anita Nair’s The Better Man


  • M.G. NIRMALA Research Scholar Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Abhishekapatti Tirunelveli India
  • Dr.D. Sankary Associate Professor A P C Mahalakshmi College Thoothukudi. India


Anita Nair holds an outstanding place among the plethora of women novelists, with the multiplicity of themes, and her unique narrative strategies and characterization. Anita Nair emphasizes the role of personal experiences and collective memories and exhibits with the stream of reminiscences that traverse from national level to individual awareness. Anita Nair focuses on the deeper understanding of life through her effective portrayal of characters and unravels variegated themes such as identity crisis, marginalization, gender discrimination, cultural differences and the friction in man woman relationships. Her debut novel ‘The Better Man’ (2000) is a profound psychological exploration of the protagonist Mukundan and reveals the conflicting relationships between individuals and their communities. Internal strife or conflict, an important theme in psychoanalytic approach emphasizes the battle between the opposing forces within the self, resulting in depression. Though this strife happens within the person’s mind it is intertwined with the external stimuli. The inconsistency between the desire and the environment causes inner conflict and discomfort.


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