Known To Unknown Method - a Magical Wand to Improve Writing Ability among Students at Tertiary Education


  • Ragupathi Ramasamy Ph.D, Asst. Prof. of English, Kongu College of Arts and Science, Karur India


This article describes an experimental oral and written communication course offered at tertiary education to the students particularly from vernacular medium and reports the results of a pilot study enrolling respondents to evaluate its initial success. Oral and Written Communication Course (OWCC ) was designed for students, who have been undergoing higher education course. Students taking the OWCC were instructed to entail in engaging themselves to the course continuously for two hours. The course went on as a crash course for thirty days. The class was begun with, informants listened to records of their voice, practised to listen to dialogues, announcements and talks on known person and topics as well.Informants subsequently read and responded to writings followed by a discussion with a resource person. The OWCC consisted of a model talk on a topic. Trainees evaluated the daily class work and reviewed the new words and phrases used and the information gained. Focus to Writing was given more than speaking. They were compared with a control group taking UG course. In general, the area of greatest improvement of the OWCC group, as compared with the control group,  was positive in writing, particularly volunteered to participate in wiring essays. In addition, a significantly larger number of OWCC respondents came forward to write papers and participate essay competitions, and consequently, OWCC group students scored more marks in their UG courses than control group. The Trainees evaluated the OWCC experience favourably.


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