Women and their World: Implications of Space in Mahesh Dattani’s Tara


  • Abdus Sattar Assistant Professor Department of English Galsi Mahavidyalaya Galsi, Purba Bardhaman, 713406 India


In Indian society women are treated as second class citizen. They come under the roof of marginalized section. Their marginalization is not confined only in one sector, but spreads in every sphere of life. They are oppressed and suppressed under the hegemonic law. Home is considered as the fine place and marriage is as the proper grace for women. It is unethical on the part of women to go outside of the house to establish their own identity. Their role and duty is assigned as caretaker of the house and instrument of child birth machine. Women are not allowed to take higher education. People believe that it is wastage of money to give higher education to women. Women will after all leave their parents’ house and will settle permanently in their in laws’ house. Their space on this earth is reduced by the patriarchal society. Home becomes their world. The claustrophobic world of women is vividly portrayed by Mahesh Dattani in his play Tara. The play focuses on some vital problems of Indian society such as gender problem, oppression and suppression of women, social inequality and biasness. 


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