The Theme of Love, Human and Cosmic in Kalidasa’s Meghadutam


  • Ujjwal Dutta Assistant Teacher B.B. High school Srirampur,West Bengal, India.


Kalidasa’s fame as an innovator in the history of classical Sanskrit literature is unquestioned and his Meghadutam, and to a lesser degree Ritusamharam occupy a special place heralding a new poetic movement. Meghadutam marks the end of a long tradition of narrative-dramatic poetry. Its focus is not so much on offering us a story but through stanzas as units offer us an ‘inner drama’. As in Kalidasa’s other works, here love is dominant emotional mode. What gives strength to Kalidasa’a poetic art, among other things, is his portrayal of love in all its aspects, accentuating the fulfilment of love and the pathos of separation that should accompany it. Kalidasa presents love as it goes through various stages. It is chastened through pleasant and unpleasant experiences of life. The same is presented in the situation of the lovers in the Meghadutam and the presentation is graphic and realistic. In this paper I have attempted to make an analysis of  Kalidasa’s treatment of love after going through Chandra Rajana’s translation of Meghadutam in his book Kalidasa: The Loom of Time, published by the Penguin Books.


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