“Either I’m Nobody, or I’m a Nation”- Shabine’s Dichotomy and Cosmopolitanism in Derek Walcott’s The Schooner Flight


  • Joydev Maity M.A. in English Department of English Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, U. P India


Guided by the torchbearer of Post-colonial writers, Walcott’s works are infused with real, imagined or psychological voyages by which the colonized regained their culture and identity. The Africans in the Caribbean often find themselves entangled within home and identity, leading to frustration and hopelessness; exile and self-doubt. Shabine in The Schooner Flight, being neither pure white nor pure black, tastes the same mordant flavor as he is rejected both by the whites and the Negroes. This article presents Shabine’s isolation, mental state of being an outcast, his cosmopolitan nature and also his reconciliation with his original culture through voyages wherefrom he regains his cultural identity.


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