Gender Discrimination and the Haplessness of Womanhood in Arundhati Roy‟s The God of Small Things


  • Priyanka Jaiswal Research Scholar Department of English &MEL University of Allahabad Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.


Living in the 21st Century, one cannot ignore the fact that even in this era women are not empowered enough. Still there are many places, where they are not allowed to live their lives freely according to their own terms and conditions, and are always being subjugated, suppressed and marginalized by this male oriented society. Even though, government and many other organizations are working for the betterment of women‟s stature and they have also succeeded to some extent, still there are cases of violence against women because the evil is rooted in the psyche of people, until they will not change their psyche society will remain the same and nothing will change. Once again, society doesn‟t change with few people – the change must come in the mindset of everyone. 


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