The Mythical Draupadi in a Modern Context: Mahasweta Devi’s Short Story “Draupadi”


  • Sabita Mishra Ph.D Scholar Sambalpur University India


This paper emphasizes on the mythical Draupadi in a modern context in Mahasweta Devi’s short story “Draupadiâ€. Moreover, this paper also focuses Draupadi as a subaltern representing a rebellious woman in the narrative. The story is about a tribal woman and a Naxalite, Dopdi Mejhen. It is although a retake on the mythical character from the Mahabharata, removes the character from her mythical context and places her as a tribal Santhal in twentieth century Bengal in India. The disrobing of Vyasa’s Draupadi could not be successful, but Devi’s Draupadi gets raped and disrobed by the policemen as a political punishment. Still Devi’s Draupadi emerges as a radical figure by using her nakedness as a weapon against the oppressors. Thus, through the narrative Devi gives ‘voice’, ‘visibility’ and ‘dignity’ to her Draupadi.



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