Jewishness and Anti-Semitism: Scrutinizing of What It means to be a Jew in Howard Jacobson’s The Finkler Question


  • Tessy.A. Joseph Research Scholar Holy Cross College Nagercoil. India
  • Dr. H.Jimsy Asha Asst. Professor of English Holy Cross College Nagercoil. India


The novel portrays the Jewish struggle in a comprehensive and clear way and deals with the sad fact that most of the Jews today don’t know what the meaning of actually being Jewish is.  The Finkler Question’s answer to a certain extent conveys the Jewish message of positivity, hope and belief in a better future. The vision in which Jews are God-like and non-Jews must inevitably become either God-lovers or God-haters has the functional utility of interpreting anti-Semitism as a twisted form of love.  In The Finkler Question, Howard Jacobson has dealt with many significant themes like the Jewish identity, self- hatred of Jews, insecurity of old age, death, friendship, infidelity and the relationship among men as well as between man and woman in a very effective manner, and they give the readers food for thought.


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