The tenacious struggle of a bereaved woman for her right to dignity and existence: A study of Shahnaz Bashir’s The Half Mother.


  • Dr Anuvesh S Gill Assistant Professor Department of English. India


It is beyond the bounds of the likelihood that an individual can escape the consequences of war as witnessed in History. It impacts an individual; both physically and psychologically. Kashmir’s which has been engulfed by sadistic conflict since the late 1980s.This open-ended warfare in Kashmir has made the life of every human being even worse than hell. It is obvious, that physical injuries are noticeable but psychological injury often go unacknowledged. Shahnaz Bashir, in his debut novel “The Half  Mother†brings to us a story of Haleema – a mother and a daughter yesterday, a ‘half mother’ and an orphan today; tormented by not knowing whether his only son Imran is dead or alive, torn apart by her own solitary existence. This research paper will put insight into the protagonist Haleema heartbreaking tenacious journey as a solitary woman who battle for her son – Imran whereabouts, her right to dignity and life till her last breath.


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