The Combat Amid Suras (Virtuous) And Asuras (Vicious): A Symbol of Modern Man’s Inner Conflict as Depicted in Raja Rao’s Works


  • Gurpreet Singh Assistant Professor of English, SGGS College, Sector 26, Chandigarh India


Literature is the influential pictogram of human society that has persuaded the rational mindset and behaviour since the evolution and developing stages of civilisations. The incredible tool of language has provided the creative literature with a simple and effective dimension of teaching and learning of new ideas. The mortal's quest for happiness and contentment remained an unflinching aspect of this small, beautiful but complex trip on earth that is christened as Life. Nobody knows the starting point and destination of his real journey.  Everybody considers this transient trip as a permanent stay yet inwardly anxious about his future. The stress about coming days of life is the soul's perpetual fretfulness regarding its life after life. For millenniums, the enlightened human beings known as sages and seers have attempted to assuage the sufferings of the human mind and life by sharing their spiritual experiences. These experiences and teachings became the foundation stone of different schools of thought known as philosophies and religions.


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