Bold Assertion Of ‘Self’ and Fight For Identity in the Novels (“Difficult Daughters”, “A Married Woman”, “Home”, “The Immigrant”) Of Manju Kapur.


  • Riya Chatterjee Guest Lecturer Guskara Mahavidyalaya. India


A prolific feminist writer, which ManjuKapur is, has always tried to delve deep into the psychological and domestic arena of the womankind, in doing so she has unfolded the psychological, financial and other existential problems which a woman has to go through. But her exception lies in the fact that, unlike other feminist writers ,she has not presented her women characters as only dominated, oppressed, repressed and suppressed , rather she creates her female characters in a manner in which they rebel against the oppressive mechanisms of the male-dominated society. They challenge he male chauvinism for the fulfilment of their aspirations and dreams.The present paper analyses and focuses on the novels of ManjuKapur such as Difficult Daughters(1998), A Married Woman(2002), Home(2006), The Immigrant (2008) in an endeavour to make a foray into the lives of Kapur’s  women and establishing them as true fighters against all the societal conventionalities who never take a step back to break the norms of patriarchal dominion, tradition and convention when these do not let them assert their identity and achieve self-satisfaction and self-fulfilment  in their individual lives. In this process they establish themselves as the “New Womenâ€.


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