Redefinition of The ‘American Dream’: A Study Of Whitman, Emerson And Tennessee Williams


  • Rosnara Khatun M.A in English Literature WBCSC-SET University of Gour Banga Malda, West Bengal, India


America was supposed to be known as a nation of ‘promised land’ and ‘teeming nations of all nations’. But in the last few decades America has lost much in terms of lives, treasures, reputation and its illusions.In the 19th century both Walt Whitman and Emerson emerge as quintessential American writers. They dreamt of America as a perfect ideal nation.In the course of the 20th century, however, the American dream turned from a dream of a perfect society to the dream of individual success.In the earlier days success was only to be obtained through hard work and determination. In modern society success is to be understood as the materialization of the American Dream.This paper deals with the various faces of the American dream and how this dream changes from century to century. Starting with Whitman’s and Emerson’s notions of ideal American dream this focuses on the shattered American dream in Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie.


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