The Vegetarian: journey of a woman’s psyche


  • Aditi Banerjee Assistant Teacher Department of English Shason Union High School India


This paper tries to delineate a woman’s journey from being submissive to societal norms to her metamorphosis into a self which is not sane in conventional way but which gives her all the courage to subvert all the rules and regulations. A violent, brutal dream changes her altogether. She begins to repel all the meat products and becomes a vegetarian. Han Kang in her novel The Vegetarian deals with psychological, social taboos and the protagonist’s journey to evade all those. Han Kang has created an appealing portrait of a woman who resembles many of the common women who are used to submit to their patriarchal guardians. But Kang’s protagonist Yeong-hye transcends the social barrier. Her psychiatric imbalance gives her strength to raise her voice against those who have always oppressed her and to have courage to think and act as she has desired. Kang has contrasted this portrayal with another character – In-hye, the elder sister of the protagonist who has always conformed to social norms in spite of ideas to break free of them because of her rational attitude which comes from her so called sanity. This paper deals with this psychological journey.


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