Problematics of Belonging of the Diasporic Women - A Comparative Study of Jhumpa Lahiri ’s ‘The Namesake’and Bharati Mukherjee’s “Wife.’


  • Md Ataur Rahaman Research Scholar Department of English Tilka Majhi Bhagalpur University Bhagalpur, Bihar, India


In an era of globalization when the spatial boundaries are becoming redundant, man still finds himself a stranger due to the problem of cultural acculturation in an alien land. There are expectations and reservations from the ends of immigrants and the host community as both don't want to change themselves but expect the other to change. Jhumpa Lahiri in her ‘The Namesake’ and Bharati Mukherjee in her novel ‘Wife’ deal with the question of identity crisis of the immigrants in general. The present paper aims to make a comparative study of the problematic of belonging of diasporas women in the novels “The Namesake’ and ‘Wife’ by Jhumpa Lahiri and Bharati Mukherjee respectively.


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