Voices on Violence: Comparative Study of Violence in the Selected Poems of Imtiaz Dharker and Agha Sahid Ali


  • Samimuddin Khan Guest Lecturer of Vivekananda College, University of Burdwan India


India is a democratic country. The nation of equality is celebrated in our parliament. In a developing society it is essential that both man and women play equal and important role, we all are equal and we all have our human rights. Then, why many people more particularly, the women have to face various difficulties, even the children are not out of the list! In our society which is very much patriarchal, many women become the victim of social assault. Now a days this has become a hot-cake in the newspapers. The focus of this paper will be on the issue of violence which has been occurred due to terrorist attacks, social assaults etc. and through this paper I want to portray it through the comparative study of some selected poems of Agha Sahid Ali and Imtiaz Dharker.


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