Of Non-conformity and female sexuality: Study of female protagonists in Ismat Chughtai's "The Quilt" and "The Homemaker"


  • Nasrin Begum Assistant Teacher Udaypalli Sikshaniketan High School(H.S.) Uday Pally, Kanchan Nagar, West Bengal,India


Ismat Chughtai was an eminent name in Indian Urdu writing.Though there are some who always want to put her name into an envelope of controversy,this mercurial writer changed the Urdu literary scenario like never before.She was honest enough to present an authentic portrayal of the contemporary gender-biased society.She deserves special mention as she gave her women characters a voice and that too a strong one.The society of her times looked at women as veiled housekeepers who should not have any individualized identity. Chughtai's female characters dared to go beyond the patriarchal grandnarrative.They faltered, stumbled but never gave up in their brave undertakings.This paper aims to study two of Chughtai's famous short stories "The Quilt"( Lihaaf) and "The Homemaker"(Gharwali) and explore the portrayal of two female protagonists.This paper also aims to discuss how these two female protagonists of two short stories undertake their unique journeys of freedom,bravery and sexuality.


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