Mahesh Dattani’s Tara As A Mesmerizing Family Drama: A Feminist Study


  • Prof. C. Kavitha Assistant Professor of English PG & Research Department of English Periyar Govt. Arts College Cuddalore-1, Tamilnadu, India


Dramatization is a joined workmanship, in which the introduction of each major and minor character must be immaculate and it is just their execution that would cover alternate slip-ups if that plays has in it. This paper attempts to analyze Mahesh Dattani's administration of and reliance on this space to see the inferred and unclaimed accounts of current Indian culture. It essentially focuses on connecting with the feel and political convictions of the development while the plays themselves may be utilized as references. This paper talks about and dissects the issue of underestimation of women in the play. Chandan being a male kid is wanted to Tara-a young female kid in an Indian family. The play exhibits the subliminal male-centric structure in the social request. It endeavors to inspect the utilization and treatment of the Performance space by Mahesh Dattani, a post freedom Indian producer in his plays, especially Tara. This paper likewise endeavors to break down Mahesh Dattani's dramatization to indicate how he is aware of the social framework and that have come up in contemporary India.


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