A Hundred Little Flames: A Study on Rural and Urban Landscape


  • Mousumi Kundu Guest Lecturer Bankura Christian College West Bengal, India


The present paper is going to speculate two different socio cultural landscapes (rural and urban) in the novel of an Indian woman novelist with an aim to discover how the geographical phenomenon effects the cultural and economic conditions of the people, how the country people find their locations in the town, how the people return home for their ultimate solace in the green and calm village, how the rural development and the urbanization have their sway in the novel Preeti Shenoy’s A Hundred Little Flames(2017). Apart from these apparent speculations, an attempt has been made to draw a line of change in accordance with the successive generations, as it may prove the changes that came into being with the passage of time as well as the progression and retrogression simultaneously. It is again an overall study on educational facilities, opportunities of placement or job, gender discrimination, man-woman relationship, concept of freedom and suffocation, monetary demand and the arrival of science and technology in the two different landscapes.


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