Akkarmashi: A Window on Culture of Exclusion and Exploitation


  • Mr. Deepak H. Shinde Research Scholar Department of English Rani Channamma University Belagavi 591156,India
  • Prof. Vijay F. Nagannawar Professor and Chairman Department of English Rani Channamma University Belagavi 591156,India


The aim of Dalit literature is to protest against the established system which is based on injustice and to expose the evil and hypocrisy of the higher castes.

— (Sharankumar Limbale, Towards an Aesthetics of Dalit Literature, 2004)


The Present paper focuses on Sharankumar Limbale’s Akkarmashi, the Outcaste as a Window on Culture of Exclusion and Exploitation. Sharankumar Limbale experiences his segregation from his own people and society. Limbale tells his mother’s story in his autobiography as a very distressing one- it was all about sexual abuse by the upper class. Sharankumar is a son of Hanamant Limbale who exploited his mother and disowned him. This paper embarks upon the indecent assault performed against Limbale’s mother throughout her life in one or the other way. This story is more or less the same for all the dalits in general and Limbale in his autobiography argues the process of disgrace. Limbale’s chronicle is a clear document of life of the dalits. Limbale’s legendary fabrication is appreciated scrupulously through this article. The story notes different aspects of societal, rational and fiscal distancing, described from the dalit and non-dalit perspectives.



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