The Impact of Variables in Developing English Speaking Skill at the Tertiary Level Students in Bangladesh


  • Laila Noor Lecturer, Department of English Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology


Speaking, among the four skills of a language, is considerate as one of the  most important skills of a language learning as it reflects the language competence of a person. In EFL learning in Bangladesh, speaking and listening skill do not get much attention at pre-tertiary level in Bangladesh. So, at the tertiary level, the learners face a lot of variables that affect in their developing speaking skill. The study explores whether some learners’ variables impede learners ‘developing speaking skill within EFL speaking classroom. In Bangladesh it is commonly found that apart from age or memory the other important variables generally spring from learners’ background knowledge, social and cultural set up, and psychological features. These factors can be categorized into two ways- physical factors and mental factors.  Physical factors include environmental factors where mental factors include learner related factors. So, how far these impacting factors regulate the success extent of the developing speaking skill for English speaking learners?  Moreover, the study will provide some suggestions to overcome the variables that affect the development of English speaking skill of the tertiary learners in Bangladesh.


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