• Shaista yasmeen Govt. Employ Poonch ,jammu and Kashmir. India


Life has shown me thousands faces,

I believe the life to all is painful traces,

When I see others with strong bases,

I wonder from where life shows these places.


The  pain which I feel out of this,

Now I think it is nothing but a bliss,

Since without pain nothing can be achieve,

Mastering over that pain, what I believe.


The pain teach me how to handle world,

In childhood all the things seems to me as dreamworld,

But life is twisted in various  furled,

Atlast I came to know life is actually a pearl.


Now I understand the meaning of life,

Pain,happiness but after long strive,

Pain have to cut down with knife,

Through which happiness is derive.


Pain and happiness  are two different poles,

But in every life these two are the goals,

They are the friends as if they are whole,

Without one another no where to enroll.


Life goes on changing with time,

But in the end one can say it’s devine,

To kill it before living is really a crime,

By struggling with it everything will be fine.


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