The Sense Trap


  • Dr.Jagruti S.Vyas Asst Prof. Smt Kesharbai Lahoti Mahavidyalaya, Amravati, Maharashtra,India


The poem expresses the craving of the soul to transcend the sense trap that captivates the human beings in the mundane materialistic world. The journey begins with the birth and the beauty of the world mesmerises the beholder. The sense of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste keep him entangled in the world outside. However, the soul revolts against this pleasure seeking activities of the senses and has a longing to go beyond them to satisfy the inner urge. The soul wants to experience divine bliss which cannot be achieved just by the sense gratification. The soul wants to know the very source of ecstasy, the divine soul that scatters these joys around, just as it is only the white colour that emits the multicoloured rainbow. Leaving behind the joys in pieces, the soul craves for the complete oneness with the bliss incarnate.


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