Urmila Pawar’s The Weave of My Life: A Dalit woman’s Memoirs as an Inspiration to Dalit Women for their Upliftment and Empowerment


  • Santosh Saha Research Scholar


Dalit literature is basically a literature of protest against oppression and discrimination happening against the marginalised people in the society. It is the responsibility of the Dalit writers to make consciousness of their own community about liberty, equality, and other social rights. There are Dalit women writers in India who are writing about their sufferings and ostrasisation happening in their own society. She mentions that patriarchal society exists even among the marginalised community. Pawar’s The Weave of my life: A Dalit Woman’s Memoirs portrays the subhuman condition of an entire community which is exploited by the upper caste people. But the writer represents a significant departure from the traditional concept of Dalit autobiography by castigating not only the upper caste society but male dominated Dalit society also. In this article I would like to focus triple discrimination of the Dalit women and how they are fighting to establish their identity in the male dominated society and this book may be an inspiration to the marginalised women to fight against the society. To establish my argument, I have selected an autobiographies- The Weave of My Life: A Dalit women’s Memoirs (2013) written by Urmila Pawar. The text is originally written in Marathi and translated into English by Maya Pandit.


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