Appropriation of Gandhian Philosophy in Dalit Discourse and Literature


  • Dr. Kalyani Hazri Assistant Prof. (English) Mahatma Gandhi Central University, India


Mahatma Gandhi has remained not only a popular, but, also, grossly misread political figure in Indian socio-political scenario. On one hand where his name and images areused as an icon by different political parties and he is venerated as the fore-figure who lead India to independence with his innovative ideas like non-violence and truth; at the same time, on the other hand, he was assassinated in his own country of birth! In past few years, he had been a source of criticism for various Dalit ideologues as well. Present paper will outline the Gandhian Philosophy mainly to understand such complicate position that Indian scenario puts him into. In the light of his philosophical thoughts, the paper will then read how Gandhi is represented/misrepresented in Dalit discourse of recent years.


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