An Analysis of the Anti Competitve Agreements -Horizontal and Vertical


  • Smita Tyagi Research Scholar, Amity Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and Associate Professor, Maharishi Law School
  • Dr. Sachin Rastogi Associate Professor and Research Guide, Amity Institute of Advanced Legal Studies


Aggressive competition, new start-ups and entrepreneurs are the hallmark of today’s consumer markets. There is immense economic activity going on in India. In this scenario there is a need to protect competition so that there is a fair playing ground for everyone.

Competition Law is that area of law, which seeks to promote business activities and dealings in a fair manner. Provisions of anti competitive agreements and abuse of dominance are very important components of Competition Law.

Anti Competitive agreements being horizontal and vertical need to be identified in the markets and weeded out. The consumers need to be made aware of such advanced forms of market manipulation which is arming the markets and in turn the economy. This paper is an attempt to briefly analyse the anti competitive agreement in simple legal language so that the readers are made aware of the various forms of horizontal and vertical legal agreements and their differences.


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