Lexical level Linguistic Deviations in the Selected Poetry of Lord, Alfred Tennyson


  • Ms. Sonia Gouri Research Scholar, English Department Bhagwant University, Ajmer-305004 Rajasthan, India.


Alfred, Lord Tennyson, the Poet Laureate of Great Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria's in 1850 is one of the most popular British poets of his time. His deviant and striking choice of words to emphasize his intended meanings is really insightful. Present paper aims at pointing out the significant features of lexical deviations that are brought about by giving a new insight into the way Tennyson has used language in literature at the level of structure in his poetry. Comprehension of language largely depends upon lexis: the total stock of words available in a language for use and choice of words that are made by a poet for purposeful use of words. To use a language properly a poet is required to have learnt and understood a vocabulary and a set of rules describing how the items of a vocabulary are to be used in constructing sentences. In order to understand and learn the language of a poet properly we must go for style study which is the study of the use of language in literature by a particular poet or writer. It conducts the scientific study of any literary work by applying syntactic rules accurately on it and thus we can understand the creative use of language in literature even if deviant use of any literary devices is made by any literary artist to create desired literary effects on readers.


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