Marriage Concept with Jane Austen’s Heroines


  • Dr. Durgesh Nautiyal Department of English H.N.B.G.U. Srinagar, Garhwal ,U.K, India


Jane Austen has always been remembered as a great pioneer in the tradition of Feminine novelists. She had never been associated with any movement. But she has always been known as unique, intellectual, and revolutionary feminine novelist rather than feminist. We can aggrandize her, reputation as feminine novelist and in the very words of F.R.Leavis, “Jane Austen, in fact, is the inaugurator of the great tradition of the English novel- especially of feminine novel, and by great tradition I mean the tradition to which what is great in English fiction brlongs” (leavies 43)

Jane Austen is one of the significant feminine novelists. She possessed the skill to prove a new path. She has a knack for innovation, and she represents the period of writing which covers the late eighteenth to early nineteenth century. Austen belonged to the period covering the late eighteenth and early nineteeth century. She was born on 16th December, 1775, at her father’s rectory of Stevenson in the country of Hampshire. Jane Austen, was the seventh of eight children, six boys and two girls. They were all lively, affectionate, intelligent, and very fond and proud of each other. She lived with her parents until the death of her father in 1805, and then with her mother until the year of her own death. She died on 18th July 1817, in Winchester, where she and her sister Cassandra had taken lodging so as to be near her doctor. Her death seems to have been due to the then an obscure illness called Addison’s disease.


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Dr. Durgesh Nautiyal, Department of English H.N.B.G.U. Srinagar, Garhwal ,U.K, India







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