Militant Spirit in Bharati Mukherjee’s The Holder of the World


  • Dr. M. Noushath Assistant Professor, PG & Research Department of English, Government Arts College, Karur, TamilNadu, India.


Bharati Mukherjee, a versatile Diasporic writer is at her best when she represents the traumatic psyche of the expatriates. She meditates on the phenomenon of immigration and the predicaments such as diasporic dilemma, alienation, quest for identity, racial prejudice and displacement.  Her fourth novel The Holder of the World (1993) emphasizes expatriation as a predestined and inevitable expedition for the immigrants.  It chronicles the improbable and fascinating meeting of two periods of Seventeenth century Puritan Age and the early Eighteenth century American society with that of Mughal purview of Indian society.  Bharati Mukherjee’s The Holder of the World unfurls the encounters of shifting identities of the chief persona Hunnah Easton when she leaves her native soil America to England and then to India in order to pursue her identity. The paper proposes to explore the principal character of the novel The Holder of the World, Hannah Easton’s adventurous mission to purse her vital quintessence identity.  Mukherjee adeptly designs and interprets the shifting identities of Hannah, her traumatic experiences and her recurrent rebirths throughout her journey.


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