Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons- A Representation of the Contemporary Human Psyche and Culture


  • Arockia Licy Monika Research Scholar, Stella Maris College, Chennai, India.


Justification is vital than Justice itself, is not an exaggeration today. Perceptions and the ability to convince that perception is the rule of the day. This research paper aims to bring out the various layers of perceptions that are brought out, based on a culture and its belief system, in the novel Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. The objective of the paper is to study how a culture influences human psyche in two different periods of history and this study is done through the novel’s major characters. The novel with its brilliant plot structure explores all the logics and possibilities that can lead to a convincing answer for questions that are believed to be just a part of ancient myth. The protagonist, Robert Langdon, enlightens and explores the myth of illuminati; Vittoria Vetra, represents the relevance of science in human life with its upcoming technologies and Carlo Ventresca, Camerlengo, ventures into the various aspects of  the power of faith that rules the heart of mankind. Through all these characters the author perfectly brings in the picture of the human psyche of the contemporary world. The analysis of this representation and its relevance with the Justification Hypothesis as basis is attempted in this research paper.


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