Multiculturalism in Kiran Desai’s Novel The Inheritance of Loss


  • Ms. B. Soundarya, Assistant Professor, SNMV College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.


The Second novel of Kiran Desai is set in 1980’s India, during the protest of Nepalese for a separate state and their liberty. In this novel all the characters are faced with many obstacles and struggles with their cultures, traditions, identity while trying to maintain their Psychological connection to one and another.  In this novel the author presents the Postcolonial effects and theethnic effects that existed during that period. The study is focused on how people migrate to many different places for their better living conditions, and it also discusses about their poverty, sufferings and the domination showed by the wealthy people. It is through these characters that Kiran Desai explores the Multiculturalism in the novel, The Inheritance of Loss.


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