Edifice of Factional Society in Veronica Roth’s Novel Divergent


  • S. Vaishnavi India


The major problem in this research is describing political conflict among factions which is reflected in Veronica Roth’s novel Divergent. The research consists of an objective: analyzing the novel based on Marxist Criticism. On the surface, Divergent is the story of a seemingly stable and harmonious system with an unseen undercurrent of dissention. In her quest to become Dauntless, The protagonist of this novel Tris discovers a growing unrest within the Erudite faction that wishes to destroy the Abnegation faction, the faction that governs the city, and take control of the government. The reason for Roth’s setting up a faction system; and the purpose for which the factions serve are discussed in this paper. This paper argues that there is an extreme difference in the ways that people believe societies will succeed and what will cause them to fail.  Roth is using the faction system as a framework in which she can address historical socio political ideologies that have led to conflict and revolution.


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