Culture Conflict in The Lion and the Jewel


  • S. Aparnaa Rao I M.A. English, SNMV College of Arts and Science. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,India
  • Dikshitha V. I M.A. English, SNMV College of Arts and Science. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,India.


The play The Lion And The Jewel was written by a renowned Nigerian writer “ Wole Soyinka “ and was first performed in the year 1959.  The transcript of this play was published in the year 1962. Soyinka through his works potrays the culture and tradition followed in South Africa.  In this play The Lion And The Jewel, he deals with the ‘Yoruba Culture ‘ in a place called Illunjile. Wole Soyinka has brought out the cultural difference through differentiating between uncivilized and civilized characters.  The ancient culture is represented by the uncultivated people like Baroka, Sidi and the rest of the villagers, whereas the Modern culture is represented by Lakunle, who is educated and a School teacher.  Lakunle follows the Western culture and also expects Sidi to become modern.  He falls in love with Sidi and asks for her hand in marriage, but Sidi demands the bride price (a practice of Illunjile) which Lakunle is totally against.  Sidi is potrayed as    “the Jewel” in this play.  The other major character, Baroka is portrayed as “ the Lion “.  Sidi, throughout the play tries her best to guard her virginity but she falls prey to Baroka in the end.  Soyinka also potrays the African polygamous society, where having more than two wives is legal. This paper is an attempt to bring out the conflict, between the Ancient and Modern culture followed by the natives of Africa.


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