Dominance of Intra-Gender Disparity in the Play,‘Dance Like a Man’


  • Dr. K. Anuradha, Assistant Professor, Government Arts College, Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Mr. M. Hari Narayanan, Research Scholar, Government Arts College, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.


Dattani’s is the famous Indian English dramatist. His plays question some of the norms and conventions of society.His plays deal with contemporary issues. This paper attempts to study the contemporary values in the play,‘Dance Like a Man’.Jairaj and andRatna have to live within the domain of the ‘patriarch’ Amritlal, father of Jairaj.When Jairaj possibly knew about her motives, the purpose was already achieved, that he was a failed dancer and that he did not make much out of his life. He had become an alcoholic.The play “Dance Like a Man” poses serious questions on the reader’s mind.The reason is not far to seek-it is this class that constitutes his audience. Dattani has created a vibrant, new theatrical form which is a marked development on the hither to stagnant Indian drama in English.


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Anuradha, D. K., & Narayanan, M. M. H. (2018). Dominance of Intra-Gender Disparity in the Play,‘Dance Like a Man’. SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJELLH , 6(11), 9. Retrieved from