The Depiction of Hybridity in Amitav Ghosh's The Sea of Poppies


  • M. Mohamed Anwar Assistant Professor of English ,Jamal Mohamed College (Autonomous) ,Tiruchirappalli, India
  • Dr. A. Dastageer Associate Professor of English, Jamal Mohamed College (Autonomous) ,Tiruchirappalli, India


Hybridity is a mixer between two separate cultures, races or plants. it is not a new cultural or historical occurrence. It is an age old one. Amitav Ghosh uses the hybridity in an effective manner in The Sea of Poppies. He depicts multi-cultural uniqueness of individuals belong various religion, caste, culture, race and nation. There are blend of languages as Bengali, Bhojpuri, Hindustani and Anglo-Indian words; it creates a vibrant sense of living voices along with linguistic resourcefulness of people in Diaspora. The main characters are symbols of Hybridity. Kalua, an untouchable man rescues, elopes and marry Deeti, a high-caste widow. Paulette, an orphan French girl escaping from her British foster family, also seeks refuge aboard the Ibis. Jodu is a Muslim lascar, whose romantic affairs with a Hindu girl Munia.


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