Fragrance of Indian Ethos in Nissim Ezekiel


  • Dr. Ratnesh Baranwal


Nissim Ezekiel is well-known as a genuine poet of Indian ethos and sensibility belonging to the group of minority writers in Indo-English literature. His awareness towards this is deeply rooted in his concept of Nation, Patriotic zeal and enthusiasm, Indian culture, philosophy, ethos and Moral Values of India. Apart from all these, he happened to be fully conscious of the Indian Imagery, Myth, Rites and Rituals, Scriptures and Religions of India. Other sources of Indian ethos are the Indian Motifs, Trends and Attitudes (like that of Renunciation, Resignation and non-attachment). Above all the Indian Environment, with all its Panorama, its Flora and Fauna, Weather etc. gives Indian colour his poetry. Lastly he also responded to the Indian vocabulary with all its components like Phonological, Lexical and Semantics, which have Indian connotations. All these relate him to Indian ethos and sensibility and enrich his poetry with Indian flavour.

He published five collections of verse including the Unfinished Man (1960) and the Exact Name (1965). Other collections of his works are A Time to change and Other Poems (1952), Sixty Poems (1953), The Third (1959), Hymns in Darkness and Poster Prayers (1976) and Collected Poems (1956).


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