The Portrayal of Self-Actualisation in Women as Depicted in Jaishreemisra’s Ancient Promises


  • Ms. Jeffy Catherine R Research Scholar, Sarah Tucker College Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu,India.
  • Dr. R. Selvi Associate Professor of English Sarah Tucker College, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India.


Self-actualisation – women –family –twenty first century– empowerment


Each era has a different form of literature to offer. But this transformation is never an immediate effect which produces a drastic change, but it is a gradual move according to the changes in the economic, social and political situations. In the twenty-first century, women writers have a lot to offer because of the suppression of the voices in the past years. In the twentieth and the twenty-first century women have taken a step forward to prove their rights and identity. JaishreeMisra a prominent author of the twenty-first century proves well in attempting to bring out the subtle suppressions of all the women in this era, even those who are educated and in turn which has affected the psychological emotions of women. To analyse this situation in depth this paper interprets the protagonist of the novel Ancient Promises written by JaishreeMisra who goes through the dilemma between tradition and modernity, and through this ambiguity she attempts to find her own identity and become self-actualised in theis twenty-first century.



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Catherine R, M. J., & Selvi, D. R. (2018). The Portrayal of Self-Actualisation in Women as Depicted in Jaishreemisra’s Ancient Promises. SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJELLH , 6(12), 7. Retrieved from

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