Feminism in Black Woman by Nancy Morejon


  • Ms. A.Thiruvilanga Selvi II B.A English Sri Sarada College for Women Manonmaniam Sundaranar University  Tirunelveli,Tamil Nadu,India.


Domination, Discrimination, Prejudices, Cuban woman and  Rebellion.


Feminism is a range of identity to find in this society and it is the range of political movements and ideologies. Gender equality is an important thing and it is known as sexual equality. It does not mean that men and women have to become the same, but that their rights, responsibilities will not depend on their gender. This gender equality means both male and female should get the respective needs. Violence against women is also known as gender based violence and sexual gender based violence (SGBV). Numerous feminist movements and ideologies have developed over the years and it leads to the creation of the cultural, multicultural and intersectional feminism. Feminist activists have established into the range of feminist businesses, including feminist unions, presses etc. Female women and children who are affecting a lot by the media and by the society and they are also abused and raged by men. The presenter’s one of the concept is Black Women written by Nancy Morejon. The poem Black Women describes the experience of the Cuban women throughout the nation’s history. In this poem, the narrator is an unnamed black women. The poem begins with the ship across the sea and the Cuban woman can smell the sea, as slaves were transported from Africa. It is a look at blackness, womanhood, suffering of the black women and Cuban identity. The poet Morejon is also a black Cuban woman, who want to give and free the Cuban peoples from the domination. She has suffered a lot in her life as a black women and this was shown in her writing. She was influenced by the black liberation movement, domination, freedom fighters and intellectuals. She was the first Cuban women writer. Though there is empowerment of women gender based prejudices and discrimination are found till now. Feminism which was happened to the women and they have much problems like dowry, bride price, infanticide , child abuse, forced marriage and child marriage. They also have the problems like domination, discrimination and are treated like a slave.


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Ms. A.Thiruvilanga Selvi, II B.A English Sri Sarada College for Women Manonmaniam Sundaranar University  Tirunelveli,Tamil Nadu,India.









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