“The Dark Holds No Terror: Woman’s quest for identity”


  • D. Annie Ph.D. Scholar, Department of English, Bharathiyar University, Tamil Nadu, India.


Women’s quest for identity is the central theme of all the novels written by Shashi Deshpande. According to the author after a great deal of suffering and self-introspection , the women come to terms with their present, with an understanding and acceptance of their past and are ready  to march ahead with new acceptance of life. The research article, “The Dark Holds No Terror: Woman’s quest for identity” throws light upon the man’s indisputable superiority and the woman being a victim and aepitome of all virtues. Saru, the woman protagonist of the novel, is analyzed in this light, she searches for herself.  Deshpande’s concern with the patriarchal concept is that a woman must exist only in terms of her relationship with a man, where she will be able to control all stages of her life.


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