The Latent Impact of Social Network Services (Sns) On Interaction on English Language Teaching


  • M. Nayas Head, Department of Forensic Science, Annai Fathima College of Arts and Science, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India


This paper aimed to investigate English language teaching perceptions of the impact of social networking services on the enhancement of their instructional interaction. It also sought to identify the challenges of using gadgets in as learning tool. The culture of teaching and understanding of languages is been distinguished by short form or shrinkage of vocal words or short verbal vocabulary that are used by the students. This would have a latent effect of not using a right phonetics and resultant in culture of using perfect words with right spell. This paper initiated to show that student’s learning developed their skills in self demanding language words by practicing in their courses as well. SNS imperatively elevated that learning could also take place unconsciously and the messages with images were more effective for their learning. The outcome of the study is the SNS plays a vital supportive role latently by improving the language culture. The main concept is no one can cease the development of social networks advancement and only way to use them at right place for right purpose. This would be shuttles by the teachers towards students with the upliftment of culture based language skills.


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