Elements of Diaspora in Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies


  • M. Sathyaraj , Assistant Professor of English Periyar University College of Arts and Science Sendamangalam, Tamil Nadu ,India.


Diaspora literature also helps countries to bring about a strategic partnership based on prosperity, security and commitment to freedom and peace. The aspects of early Indian Diaspora by highlighting the various Diasporas elements presented in the novel Sea of Poppies by the prominent writer Amitav Ghosh. In his novel Deeti the protagonist has unexamined feelings for Kalua; he belongs to a member of the leather workers’ community by him she was rescued, without his apparent knowledge, from a beating. She had dreamt about her future but it was totally spoiled by her brother-in-law. Her search of identity, culture amalgamation, intercaste marriage with Kalua and her exiles with him represented as diasporic elements throughout the novel. Identity is allied with religion, ethnicity, culture, nation, class, caste, family, society and personal qualities of an individual. Whoever undergoes conversion from original ancestry to the desired identity is difficult one.



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