Rupi Kaur, the Voice of the Millennial


  • Nivedha V. M. Phil. English Sri Sarada College for Women, Salem ,Tamil Nadu,India.


Social media is sometimes a bit of distraction from paper and pen. But the emerging writers, who do not get recognised by publishing houses, find social media catering to their need for a platform to get their voices heard, and their words read. The study discusses what currently is looked upon as a pop culture in literature where the budding poets share with millions their poems through image-based medium such as Tumblr, Twitter and more frequently Instagram, which have popularised poetry among a grand audience, bringing forth almost a new subgenre. The paper serves to analyze whether Insta-poetry and the Insta(nt) fame poets ruin or rejuvenate literature. Studying Rupi Kaur, the Indian-born Canadian Instagram sensation, and her collection of poetry, Milk and Honey, the paper concludes in good favour of the new literary trend.


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