The Vampire Culture in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight


  • Kavya T. R. M.Phil. English Literature Sri Sarada College for Women, Salem ,Tamil Nadu,India


Vampires have become a part of existence in human life, these days. A Vampire’s behaviour isportrayed as ‘the moon is my sun, the night is my day, Blood is my life, and you are my prey’. Vampires in the first place were depicted as blood seekers who killed people and were dreaded of, yet later they have turned out to be more charming than terrifying. In this paper, the researcher interprets the culture of vampire from then till date in “The Vampire Culture in Literature from Bram Stoker’s Dracula to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight.” The paper analyses the rise of the vampire from the dark or demise in the light or life and enhancing the vampire species through cross-breeding. This brings the attributes of vampires closer to extremely alluring human qualities and losing those properties that make it a beast, which permits an interiorization of the vampire character.


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