Feministic perspective and cultural studies in Shashe Deshpande’s ”That long silence”


  • R. Kanmani Assistant Professor Sri Sarada Mahavidyalam Arts & CollegeFor Women, Ulundurpet, Tamil Nadu, India.


: Feminism has always meant independence of mind and spirit and body. Feminist effort to end patriarchal domination should be primary concern precisely because it insists on the eradication and oppression in the family context and in all other intimate relationships. Shashi Deshpande derives the title of her novel ‘That Long Silence’ from the classic understatement by Elizabeth Robins made in speech to a world body. That Long Silence comes relatively close to real life experience Sashi  Deshpande is a renowned novelist of Indian writing in English  has the credit of writing well-known novels namely:”The Dark no terror”;Roots and shadows ;and that Long silence. The author described the character Jaya as she was compelled to keep silence and surrender and and adopt socio-psychic nature .The traditional, institution of the Indian family is dwindling as the familial relationship doesn’t have gender equality .Male member of the family is entitled to all sorts of comforts and excuses whereas the female members has to sacrifice her life keeping silence, suppressing emotions and desires.


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