Shakespeare, an enigmatic Bard: A view on his Plays and Theatre


  • V. Sabarinathan Asst. Prof of English Loyola College College Mettala, Tamil Nadu, India.


William Shakespeare lived during the reign of both queen Elizabeth & King James 1. It was also the era of renaissance. Renaissance simply means Rebirth and revival of learning. One of its many offshoots is Reformation. Renaissance is a European movement. It’s not just a literary movement. New inventions, innovations happened in all arts forms like arts, paintings, sculpture, and architecture among others.Famous Constantinople (a huge library where all manuscripts of Greek and Roman writers were kept) was captured by the Turks in 1453. All the literary genius who lived there fled to many countries taking along with them the manuscripts available there. One country which welcomed such talented men is Italy. Thus, renaissance flourished first in Florence, Italy and moved to different countries in Europe.Elizabethan age was called as the Golden era in English history. People of England began living in peace and prosperity. In fact, England started expanding its colony with the help of sailors like Vascoda Gama, Francis Drake, and Sir Walter Raleigh etc. though this age has this cultural and background information this papers is about to probe into the typical Shakespearean tragedy and his theatres, audiences.


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