Elements of Historiographic Metafiction in Don Delillo’s Underworld


  • Ms.J.Britto Jenobia Phd Scholar National College, Trichy, Tamil Nadu,India
  • Dr.V. Sekhar, Research advisor, National College, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India


Postmodernism is largely a reaction to the assumed certainty of scientific or objective, efforts to explain reality.An important element of postmodernism is its acknowledgement of previous literary works. Many postmodern authors write under the assumption that modern society cannot be explained or understood. Many postmodern writers employ metafiction in their writing in order to make the readers aware of its fictionality and the presence of the authors. Authors sometimes use this technique to allow shifts in narrative. Postmodern historical novels insert historical documents, events and historical personages into the fictional world of their works. Under the influence of postmodern innovations in both history and fiction, historical novels develop into a new form.


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