Gender Inequality In The Work Tess Of The D’urbervilles


  • Mr. A.Napolean Joseph M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., Assistant Professor, Department of English, St. Joseph’s College of Arts & Science (Autonomous), Cuddalore,Tamil Nadu,India


The paper deals about Gender Inequality in the work Tess of the D’urbervilles by Thomas Hardy. The paper explains about the suffering of an innocent girl Tess. The paper explains about the change brought in the life of Tess and also about the tremendous disaster in her life because of Alec. Tess experiences a total tragedy because of gender inequality and sexual politics. Tess was put into a situation to worry for the mistake which has been occurred without her knowledge. She suffers till the end of her life and was not able to move on in her life. In the whole story, Alec tries to make Tess to come under him. He uses her family situation to make her stay with him. Tess was not interested to marry Alec. She was in the situation to take care of her family. She was to tolerate certain situation. Alec helps her family in her absence that made her not to accept the offer. Tess was in love with Angel Clare but she tries to avoid due to the mistake of Alec without her knowledge. Finally, she marries But was not able to make hold of it and been suffering throughout her life because of Alec. She was not able to live according to her wish. She works with the job which she gets. She was to hide herself from Alec. The gender inequality could be seen throughout the story. The gender inequality can be seen in the nature of Angel Clare. Alec was not ready to leave Tess but she tries to avoid him. In the beginning of the story, Tess was an innocent girl and the situation made her to change herself. The change was to kill Alec. The paper reveals the experience of Tess’s suffering from gender inequality.                                                                                                       


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