E-Resources for English Class room Technology to develop Listening skills


  • S. Deepalakshmi Assistant Professor Department of Career Development Faculty of Science and Humanities SRM Institute of Science and Technology Katankulathur,Tamil Nadu,India.
  • Dr. K. Sundararajan Associate Professor, Department of English, A.V.V.M Sri Pushpam College


As Multimedia technology becomes more available to teachers and learners of other languages, its potential as a tool to improve listening skills becomes a practical option. Computer has potentially behind listening skills attainment. There is now a greater awareness among teachers that they have to help learners develop their listening skills, rather than rely on the skill developing itself. This paper examines how the learners develop effective listening skills brings attention to the methods we use and the type of materials we introduce our learners to using videos in the classroom allows the learners right to use more information when listening. When watching and listening the videos, the students have known the main vocabulary and the rules and patterns of words used to communicate. After listening the videos or cartoons, language trainer ask the learners to describe the scenario. Through this they also develop their listening and speaking skills. In English class room videos like novels and dramas, induce the students to take part enthusiastically in the class. Along with we develop their speaking skill by playing the role play activities.



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