The Theme of Racial Prejudice in the short story Mr. Know-All by Somerset Maugham


  • R. Janani Iswariya M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil,, Assistant Professor In English, Loyola College Of Arts And Science, Mettala, Namakkal (Dt.), Tamil Nadu, India.


This paper mainly focuses on how Westerners sense about the people from Eastern countries. Though the Oriental people have knowledge, they are not accepted by Westerners. They have to racial discrimination and they are in the state to prove their talents and benevolence to the society. This is a main point which was carried out by Maugham in the story   Mr. Know-All. Westerners have sense of superiority that leads them to prejudice about others especially Colonized people. Racial prejudice and reconciliation are the main aspects of this story. Here I have discussed the narrator’s prejudicing mentality and at the end of the story how he changes himself by understanding the true nature of Max Kelada, a Levantine. He criticizes himself for his own behaviour. Racial discrimination happens everywhere in the world but the people can know only through the literature. Literature is the great protagonist to influence people and makes them to grasp their own mistakes. This has been proved in this short story.


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