A Glimpse of Post-colonial Attributes in Vikaram Sheth’s A Suitable Boy


  • Dr. Sonal Sharma Associate Professor, SRM University, Gangtok, Sikkim, India.


: Post-colonialism, Cultural turmoil, Social Structure, Indianness.


‘Post-colonialism’ denotes broadly to the ways in which race, ethnicity, culture, religion, rites, human identity, human nature and feelings are exemplified in the modem era, after the independence of many colonized countries. It also discusses to a set of critical approaches taken towards colonialism. It is region-specific and employs western as well as native modes of expression. The objective of this paper is to provide a Glimpse of Post-colonial Attributes in VikaramSheth’sA Suitable Boy.The novel is written against the background of social, economic, political and cultural turmoil of newly independent India. Thus,deals with the most momentous period of Indian history. Indian writing in English is an essential part of post-colonial literature. Indian Writers have always significantly contributed to post-colonial literature. Though such writings have their own distinctive impression of Indianness, which make the reader familiar with the culture of India, its deep-rooted religion system and the pattern of Indian social structure, yet display some of the features of post-colonial literatures. It draws attention to issues of cultural difference in literary texts including issues of gender, class, religion and of sexual orientation which are of national concern. It is ideally national literature.Through the novels, A Suitable Boy, Seth has portrayed a vast knowledge of human nature and feelings, religion, rites, cultures and sexual pleasure. This research paper attempts to highlight post-colonial elements including the vast knowledge of political, social, and cultural aspects of India.


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Dr. Sonal Sharma, Associate Professor, SRM University, Gangtok, Sikkim, India.




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